• CrewPIC - Is online!

    A group photo without bringing the group together in a few clicks!
    Virtual class photo, Club photo, Family photo, Promo photo, Group photo .....
    Up to 40 people!

    Launch price 3 € your group photo in the theme of your choice

    How it works ?

    1. I create a group for my team and invite members
    2. Everyone uploads their individual photo
    3. Each member can download the group photo !


    The themes automatically adapt from 1 to 40 people!

    Why CrewPic?

    A group photo without bringing the group together

    In the current context linked to COVID 19 will push us to change our habits and our way of living in community and interacting with others.

    CREWPIC was designed to be able to meet the needs of all children, groups, clubs, ... to be able to have group photos without physically bringing the group together.

    CREWPIC wants to respond to this desire to keep track, to have a memory of a year, a promotion, an event with friends, colleagues or partners.

    CREWPIC is for all those who have not had, could not have the famous class photo, the photo of a sports club, the group photo of a company and keep track of their past moments.

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